Get Galvanized!

Welcome to Galvanic Charm, where we design and hand-stamp personalized jewelry meant to energize and inspire. Tell us what you love, and we’ll create something you’ll love to show off.

At Galvanic Charm, we incorporate washers into most of our designs. We personalize pendants and jewelry by hand-stamping letters onto the material.Washers are a perfect medium because they are inexpensive, durable, and age gracefully. They come in all sizes, many shapes, and a variety of alloys and metals (zinc, nickel, stainless steel, silver, copper, brass). And our favorite washer finish is hot dipped GALVANIZED.

Almost everything we do is personalized to your exact specifications. Browse through some of the pieces we’ve created, but don’t be disappointed if we can’t replicate something exactly. Some of our charms and embellishments are repurposed or vintage, and therefore one-of-a-kind. That adds to the charm. Don’t worry, we’ll find something that’s perfect for you.

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